The Birmingham Bead Shop

We've taken time to design our website so that (hopefully!) it is easier to use than more traditional online shops. Having done a shameful amount of online bead shopping ourselves in the past, we found that even our favourite sites usually required us to know the name of what we wanted or the material it was made from, when we all know the best bead-y shopping is done when we're browsing things we didn't intend to and don't really need, or when we know we want 'big blue swirly ones' but don't have any idea what they're made of or what the technical name for them is.

So we've designed the shop so you can browse it in several different ways:

1. You know exactly what you're looking for
You can use the search box on the left hand side of the screen to search for your item.

2. You know what colour, size or type of beads you're looking for
Choose the correct category from the list in the blue section on the left hand side, e.g. 'beads', then narrow down the selection that appears on your screen by clicking on the colour or 'tag' you'd like at the bottom of the screen. If you were looking for blue glass beads, you could click 'glass' and then 'blue'. To unselect a tag or colour simply click on the option again and you'll be taken back - so if you want to see all of the glass beads not just the blue ones, you'd simply click the 'blue' colour swatch again to unselect it. You can also search for beads by their size by using the sliders to select the size range you'd like.

3. You have no idea what you'd like/want/need but would like to look at lots of lovely beads and see if anything takes your fancy
To see everything we have on one screen, just choose the category from the list on the left hand side, wait a few seconds for the page to load and scroll away! If there are dots under the item picture it means there are other variations of it - usually another colour or size. To see the other options without leaving the main page, you can either hover your arrow over the picture or click on the dots.

For more information or to put an item in your basket, click on the picture and then choose one of the purchase options underneath the description and a quantity, before clicking the 'add to basket' icon.

To see what's in your basket, click on the shopping basket icon on the top left hand side of the screen. You can change the quantities or remove things from the basket as many times as you like, and once you're ready to place your order simply click 'proceed to checkout' and follow the instructions on the screen.